AE Currie

The Panopticon series by A.E. Currie is near-future, speculative science fiction that explores the issues currently facing us: climate change, AI, surveillance and the individual vs the state.

5*: "thought provoking and intelligently written sci-fi that I couldn’t put down"

5*: "Highly recommended"

5*: "Part thoughtful & reflective science fiction, part entertaining rollercoaster romp reminiscent of the best of Harry Harrison's Stainless Steel Rat, this is turning into a most excellent series"

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What if privacy were outlawed?

In 2025, the Panopticon was turned on. In 2053 someone wants to switch it off and they won't stop at murder.

Book 1: Utopia Five (UK, US, DE, FR, ES, IT, JP, CA)

Why are the Panopticon's citizens disappearing?

Who is the mysterious Warlock of Conundra and what does he want?

Book 2: Conundra (UK, US, DE, FR, ES, IT, JP, CA)

If a robot kills a human, is it murder?

When a moon colonist is killed by a worker, it threatens all of human society in space.

Book 3: Denizen 43 (UK, US, DE, FR, ES, IT, JP, CA)

Are the crew of the WorldGov Spaceship Bismarck being lead to their deaths?

On board the space craft The Sun Tzu, Lee and Nemo follow the mutinous Bismarck to Mars. Back home on Earth, Ray and Catterwade investigate a newly discovered rogue state - the Kingdom of ManX.

NEW!! Book 4: Dystopia X (UK, US, DE, FR, ES, IT, JP, CA)


Anne Currie is a technologist, engineer, author and painter living in London. She is an international speaker and writer on tech and ethics and is always happy to chat on Twitter @anne_e_currie

This website is hosted on Google because Anne is a believer that we need to #greentheweb ASAP. She was a founder member of the Sustainable Servers campaign to encourage the tech industry, which is one of the fastest growing users of electricity, to power the cloud with renewable energy.

Collective action like that is more effective than individual action. Google are currently the best major tech company for the climate (they are the biggest non-gov purchaser of renewable energy in the world) so Anne's using them where possible.